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Demo screenshots

Pagine Azzurre Mobile is a free experimental version of {Pagine Azzurre Online} tailored to pda, smartphones, mobile phones or other similar personal handheld devices. In this page the users of "traditional" Internet browsers may enjoy some demo screenshots of the site. Please use a mobile device to browse Pagine Azzurre Mobile.

1. Homepage
Demo Homepage
2. Ports and marinas
Demo Ports and marinas
3. Port information
Demo Port information
4. Port services
Scheda sintetica porto
5. Public and touring services
Demo Public and touring services
6. Services directory
Demo Services directory
7. Notice to mariners
Demo Notice to mariners
8. Marine weather forecasts
Demo Marine weather forecasts
9. Tide forecast
Demo Tide forecast
10. Maritime regulations
Demo Maritime regulations
11. E-mail contacts
Demo E-mail contacts
12. Information about the pilotbook
Demo Information about the pilotbook

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